Using a script in modelbuilder - help!

Discussion created by azsurveyor72 on Nov 26, 2011

I am just learning this and having a difficult time.  I am hoping someone can help me out!

My tasks are:
1) Create a field of type Text, no problem here I use Add Field;
2) Calculate values into this new field using a python script.  Values from one field are organized into ranges called Poor, Moderate, Good.  I have no problem creating parameters for this script, input seems fine, I think my problems are the output.

I have an output created from the script and can connect to an input, but I think because the script really has no output (selection set) it has nothing to put forward to the next step in the model.  How do I continue my model?  I had this run as a seperate unconnected process but it ran at the end which means the field wasn't added, and the values weren't calculated.  I don't understand how to connect it to the main body and have valid data pass thru.

The next step after this is to Intersect the Feature Class (with the added & populated field) with another Feature Class. 

I think this is probably a very basic problem, I hope someone can lend me a helping hand!