From Procedural to ESRI

Discussion created by thyandrecardoso on Nov 25, 2011
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Hi :)

We've been contacted (actually, we had to contact them) by our local ESRI office in order to receive the CE update. We've received it today (after some weeks).... in DVD: because we don't really have an account in ESRI linking us to this product (I can't download anything from ESRI!), so they opted to send us a DVD.

Can I TAKE SOME ACTIVE ACTION so that our company is definitely "linked" to the ESRI client database, thus avoiding more wasted time waiting, for example, for version updates? This is bodering me particularly because CityEngine product and Support was NOT CHEAP...

I'm writing this here, because our local offices did not quite have a clear understanding of what was going on, and I wanted to know if this is happening to someone else. And maybe raise some consciouness on people from ESRI reading this....

I wanted to try to understand how to proceed from now on. I mean:

1: how will further updates will be given to us?
2: should I keep using Procedural's site to write support tickets? I know the system is still working (or was until a few days ago), but will it be maintained further? Can I keep relying on it?

Thanks in advance,