Attatch mouse events to command button on dockable window

Discussion created by afmaps on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by agray1
Hello Everyone,

Can mouse events only be listened for by a tool or can you attatch mouse events to a script behind a command button on a dockable window.

The script behind the command button acts similar to hyperlink and is not a tool (since tool creates another button to be added to the arcmap toolbar). The code will need to listen to mouse events once clicked on and then stop listening when clicked off.

If anyone knows how to add a tool and call it WITHOUT the tool being enabled to be added to the acrmap oolbar then please also let me know (would make life easier). Reason is it is confusing clients having two button to press to get the full functionality of our solution. I.e. a buttton to add a dockable window and a button to start a tool (both are shown in the add-in controls customise dialog box)

Thank You