How to check FeatureClass exist in Workspace through its AliasName in Vb.Net 2005?

Discussion created by dgesri on Nov 23, 2011

I`m generating a code that should search the layers loaded in ArcMap and list the missing-datasource ones in order to be managed by the user.

I did almost all the work except when I choose a SDE dataset (contains more than 90 FeatureClasses) as a datasource for a layer. Hereafter what the code should do:

The code should search all the FeatureClasses inside the selected dataset (selected using IGxDialog.DoModelOpen) for a one having the same AliasName as the name of the layer.

Is there a way to check inside a dataset if any of its FeatureClasses has a specific AliasName in practically small time???

please advise..

Thanks in advance