Diversifying my skillset

Discussion created by spine on Apr 19, 2010
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Hey all,

I???ve been in the GIS industry for about 5 years now, I???m getting my MA in Geography part time, and I will be graduating in about a year.  I am now planning for my departure from my current job, and I want to learn new software/languages that are applicable to GIS so that I can be more marketable.  My BA is in Art and thus far my focus has been more on the visual/cartographic/presentation side of things, but I realize I need to branch out.  However, based on my background I probably don???t want to get too into hardcore compiling/programming languages.

I have many options:  programming (python, C#, Java are a few), or web programming (ArcIMS, XML, SQL, etc).  Or, open source GIS?  But I am not familiar with that?  I am eager for new ideas and suggestions!  I have about a year to dedicate and I am looking for the most bang for my buck ??? but I always want to learn something that I will enjoy, something that will make me happy.

I can potentially roll my Master???s thesis into learning this new skill, and my job is an option as well but not the best one.  My school doesn???t offer great classes in this stuff so I???m largely on my own here.  I???m thinking online tutorials, books, but all options are open, as long as they???re reasonably affordable.

Anyone???s infinite wisdom is welcome!  Also, are there any other GIS forums that someone can recommend where I can get more feedback on these matters?

Many thanks,