Am I trying to do too much with Model Builder?

Discussion created by KAdamsHRSA on Nov 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by dhoneycutt-esristaff
I am trying to construct a model (or pair of models) that I can subsequently publish as an ArcGIS Server service. 

Each model needs to accept a coordinate pair as the starting point.

Having created an in-memory feature class with one point based on the input coordinates and a pre-set spatial reference, one branch of the model (or one of the two models) would do a spatial join against a polygon layer to determine the "most likely" feature, if any, into which the point falls.

The second part, or the second model, would create a buffer of predetermined radius around the point, then do an intersect against the same polygon feature layer to determine whether the result obtained from part 1 is "realistic", or whether there might be alternate results based on positional uncertainty of either the point location or the line location (i.e. the point is too close to a boundary line for the point result alone to be considered "definitive" based on inherent uncertainty in location of point, boundary, or both).

PROBLEM NUMBER 1: I cannot find any tool or combination of tools that can be used, abused, or otherwise manipulated to create a point feature from coordinates (even disregarding the need for a spatial reference- I can specify that.)  Preferably the feature would be an in-memory feature rather than written to disk, but I cannot find anything one way or another.  I've tried creating an event layer, but that starts from a table and there is no tool that I could find which can be used to add rows to a table.

PROBLEM NUMBER 2: Assuming I could somehow find a way to create an event layer, I really need a feature class in order to do a spatial join.  How do I get from the event layer to an actual by-gosh feature class?  Again, bonus points if it exists only in memory, and only for the lifespan of model execution.

PROBLEM NUMBER 3: Having now succeeded in creating this fantasy in-memory feature class, I want to create an equally fantastic in-memory BUFFER layer.  Again, no tool I know of will do this in memory- the buffer tool wants to write to disk.  Perhaps all of this is serialized and happens in memory only when the model is published as an ArcGIS Server service?

PROBLEM NUMBER 4: I don't yet know what the problem will be but given the way this process has gone so far I'm sure there is something else I have overlooked.  Any idea what it might be?