Discussion created by isaac@clovis on Nov 21, 2011
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Hello All,

I am just seeking to get some general questions answered.  First of all I am using arcgis explorer online to configure my app and I have enabled pop ups.  I was wondering if there is a way to either have the previous type of identify capability in the new ArcGIS for IOS app or if I can somehow change the default nature of identify to correspond to a feature / feature layer.  I'm trying to avoid having to create a custom application if I don't have to.  Any and all help is much appreciated.

Example:  I want to identify a parcel and the default thing returned is the default Location pop-up:


I would like to have the pop up for parcel information to come up instead. Is this possible using arcgis explorer online / the default configuration?  In the video demo online its shows the ability to identify with a button in the ios app but the latest version does not have said button.  Either I have not enabled it or this has changed.

I'll also create a ticket for this so I can get help from the horses mouth :).