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Discussion created by dhofer on Nov 21, 2011
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This request is specific to 10 and not 9.3.  I was pretty savvy with 9.3 but something changed with 10 that I cannot figure out.

In notepad this is what I had set up that worked.  I'd then copy and paste to cmd or run a .bat.
cd D:\GIS_Projects\2011\DD\WR\MapFiles\MXD
"C:\Program files (x86)\PLTS\bin\atlas" /export /dpi:300 /export: /oiq:3 /exportpath:"D:\GIS_Projects\2011\DD\WR\Products\DD_PDF_Binder\ExportHolding" /exporter:PDF /mxd:"ALB.mxd" /mxd:"ALWE.mxd"

I'd think that if I just changed the directory of the new atlas.exe then all should work but no, the CMD screen just disappears.

So the pieces of the puzzle are to export all mapsheets to pdf
Atlas.exe is located here  C:\Program Files\ESRIProductionMapping\Desktop10.0\Bin\Atlas
mxds are located here  D:\GIS_Projects\2011\GH\CO\MapFiles\MXD\Surveys\EndOfYear\20111121
pdfs are to go here  D:\GIS_Projects\2011\GH\CO\MapFiles\MXD\Surveys\EndOfYear\20111121
dpi 300

So could someone help me piece together a note pad version for 10?