controlling model excecution order without exchanging data directly

Discussion created by magryd63 on Nov 20, 2011
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Tool A creates subfolder A and process result into Folder A. Tool B only starts after Tool A is finished and starts processing the data in Folder A.

I have a question about how to control the execution order of tools without needing to use output of one tool in another directly. For example, I have a tool doing a geoprocessing sequence over a dataset and puts the results in a folder. What i want is a second tool to start processing the results from the output folder of the previous tool. I´ve tried using preconditions on the output folder itself put obviously the following tool starts it´s process when the folder is created and not when the actual tool has processed all the results in the tool-generated folder.

Preconditions needs output between tools, but if you iterate through several features in a folder and want them separated in the following process, precondition wont work since the precondition is fulfilled on the first iteration.

Anny idéas would be mostly appreciated...