Calculate Field Problem

Discussion created by melissatalley on Nov 20, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2011 by Dan_Patterson
I have a strange problem with calculate field.

All I need to do is take my user input which will be between -100 to 100 and divide it by 100.

I need to use Python_9_3 as the method since my model is part of a geoprocessing service and ArcGIS server won't take VB. I have it as

If the number is -100 or 100 this works fine, as I get -1 or 1. But any other number in between it just turns it into 0. When I do it using the VB method it works fine, I can get the correct number, so 50/100=.5. So I'm pretty sure I have my double field set up correctly.

Is there something with the Python method where I need to specify that it should add decimal places?