Hot Spot Analysis Edge Effect?

Discussion created by maryice on Nov 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by oceanguy
I have a question about the hot spot analysis. I (still) have an island as a study area. So I created a fishnet over the study area and used the Intersect-tool to "cut the edges" to the size of the study area. Then I used the Spatial Join-Tool to see how many point features are in each cell and performed the Hot Spot Analysis. At the edges of the island, I now have cells that are smaller than others. Does this change the result of the Hot Spot Analysis, or does Hot Spot Analysis just calculate within one cell, and the size of the cell does not matter? If I would use the Intersect after performing the Hot Spot Analysis, would I get a right result? Because then, the Hot Spot Analysis was analysing some areas that are not within the study area and where points could not have been located?
My results seem to be right, still I want to know whether there is such thing as an edge effect here (maybe the effect is very small?)

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