Integration of GPS-camera into system

Discussion created by FooFighters87 on Nov 19, 2011
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there is a new project for me. First I want to describe what I want to do, maybe someone can give me some useful information or tipps for python code.

That's what I have:

- Access based Database with an ID-field, where each report is recorded based through a form. So each report gets a specific ID.
- GPS-camera with the possibility to write memos (hopefully my ID-field for joining)
- The GPS-camera has software which is directly usable in ArcGIS. Everytime you plug the camera in, the pictures with the attribute information is loaded into a geodatabase, where the pictures are stored

That's what I want to do:

- There are about 6 cameras. So I need to give specific IDs to the different cameras
- Every evening I'll get the cameras into my office an plug them on to my computer. So I want to load the pictures into the geodatabase.
- Now I want to have a function that creates a connection between the access-table and the geodatabase. I want to refresh it through a button.

Does anybody have an idea how to do this?

Another question: Does ArcGIS refresh the database connection to the access database every time it starts? Is there a way to do it manually per button?

Thanks in advance for help!!