MPS Atlas Export dupe and missing pdf

Discussion created by dhofer on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by dhofer
Hi Dan Hopkins,

I'm back.  We just upgraded to 10.  I've got two machines with the same problem.  One is a 64 bit.

With MPS atlas map series when I right click a map sheet \export map sheet\ All map sheets...

Sometimes but not always the second to last exported pdf will be doubled and the last mapsheet will not export to pdf.  The painful work around is to use Atlas.exe and it all works fine.  I love Atlas.exe for those reoccuring series but for a quick map series it's a pain.

I tried exporting to .eps and had the same problem.

Set Up button General 300 Normal,

check Compress vector graphics
Image Compression Adaptive
Jpeg Quality: 1/4 away from max
Picture Symbol: rasterize layers with bitmap markers/fills
check embed all doc fonts

Advance Tab
Layers and attributes NONE
no check to Export georeference info.

The mapsheets are basic. Only about 10 or 20 sheets.  No def. queries. Nothing weird.

Thanks Dan Hofer