Issue with GWR and ModelBuilder in ArcGIS 10

Discussion created by wakwin on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by cristenblair
Hello All,

I have been having trouble using Moran's I with GWR when making a model.  Each time I run OLS in ArcGIS I also run Moran's I to make sure that the residuals aren't clustered.  This I have no trouble doing.  However, when I try and do the same thing using GWR, when selecting the Moran's I parameters nothing shows up in the input field once I have selected the GWR results as the input feature class.  Does anyone know why this might be?  It seems I could run GWR and then run Moran's separately, although I would prefer to run them at the same time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.