Disjointing in ArcGis

Discussion created by azeck on Nov 17, 2011

If this is in the wrong forum I apologize!

I want to be able to disjoint two shapefiles in Arc.
At least thats what I think I should be doing...
Each of the files were originally polylines. One of them represented streets, another represented greenways in an urban area.
I wanted to find where new greenways could be built using the existing roads.
So, I created buffer files and I thought I would be able to use these to extract the locations of new greenways.
However, it seems that disjoint might work the best as I don't think Erase will reveal those areas that follow roads and exist between unconnected greenways.

I'm new to the prospect of using script in Arc, so I needed some guidance on how to do that.

For ease sake lets say the files are: