Display expression problems

Discussion created by casey.cardinal on Nov 15, 2011

I am using ArcGIS 10 to create KMZs of polygon features, and I am trying to build the labels for each polygon in the display expression box, which will show up in the HTML popup for each feature.

The field I am using for the display expression contains some values that start with ">" or "<", and these symbols are not showing up in the labels. I tried using the following advanced VB Script expression to replace the "<" and ">" with their HTML equivalents (&lt; and &gt;):

Function FindLabel ( [AGE] )
NewString = Replace([AGE],">","&gt;")
FindLabel = NewString
End Function

This doesn't seem to work, as the labels now appear as "gt;R", for example, instead of ">R".

Can anyone tell me how to make the "<" and ">" signs appear in the labels? Thanks in advance!