Assigning Culvert Attribute Table Field the Name of the Streets They Cross

Discussion created by gkaye@townoftruckee.com on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by rfairhur24
Hello, I have two shapefiles in a geodatabase - street centerlines, and culverts. Some culverts cross under streets, and thus the two have intersecting features. How would I go about running a script or using a tool to populate a field in the culvert attribute table with the name of the street each culvert feature crosses?

For example, if I have culvert # 1234, which crosses (intersects) Main Street, and in the attribute table for Culvert shapefile I have a field called "cross_st" and in the table for the Streets I have a string field called "name" how can I run a command in the field calculator across my entire culvert database to fill out the "cross_st" with the "name" if the two features intersect?