ArcGIS server Web application freezes

Discussion created by Shraav on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2012 by Shraav
Hi there,

Is some one aware of the below issue, any advice related to the below will be helpful.
We are using 9.3.1, UMV 2 for the web based application. The application freezes and you will not abe able to use the application after this. You have to log off from the Read Only Web based GIS application. The scale 1: becomes 0. And red dot on the overview tab moves to top left corner.

We have been working on the Network side and didnt find any issues. Also verified the SOM/SOC machine for any hanged processes(SOC processes) in the Task Manager and there is no issue with the SOC processes running. We didnt find processes running on single thread for long time.

ArcSDE is deployed on Solaris 10. Is something to be verfied on the Webserver? There are two SOC machines and one SOM/SOC and a Webserver as a part of Architecture.

Can someone please advice on this?