Changing projection viewing characteristic in ArcScene

Discussion created by stanles on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2012 by stanles

I am changing the projection viewing characteristic programatically in ArcScene, as for the tool that I've created it makes more sense to have it in orthographic projection.  The command:

pCamera.ProjectionType = esri3DProjectionType.esriOrthoProjection

works fine for this, although I've noted that I've had to send the command to redraw the ActiveViewer twice before it visualises on the screen.  That's not my actual question though, unless people have gotten around that before.

My question is about after that.  After my tool runs I want to set the projection back to perspective (if it was perspective to begin with).  However the command:

pCamera.ProjectionType = esri3DProjectionType.esriPerspectiveProjection

doesn't work as well as one would think it should.  Aside from not visually changing the projection to perspective, after running my tool if I go into the view settings it indicates that the projection is in perspective (and all of the positions text boxes are enabled), but I have to click that radio button again to actually put it into perspective projection ...

Has anyone come across this?

As this may actually be a bug in ArcScene I should say that I'm running ArcGIS version 9.3.1