Help with python in arc

Discussion created by tbu100 on Nov 14, 2011
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I need to write a script that updates an attribute table with an existing field within an existing feature class. There is a gdb with 2 feature classes. The first holds point locations that will be counted within area zones in another polygon layer. A SQL string must be created  that compares the number of points to the area of the zone they are within. A field labeled priority will hold a value based on the string value addressed above. 4 different levels of priority ranging from 15 +, 12-15, 6-12, > 6

any help on tackling this would be helpful.

My thoughts.

Import Arcpy
setup input feature classes
make variables for for two field names that are being updated
variable for a math string to find the priority level
try/except while doing a while loop

now I am lost.

Thanks for any help