Serious issues with Measurement widget.

Discussion created by sanjayjadhav on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by khmelevskiy

Its hard time for me to fix this issue. I am using Navigation toolbar and measure widget.

My problem is, my navigation is not getting deactivated while measurement is being performed. I click on area button in the measure widget and click on the map to draw a polygon.Suddenly, map is zoomed to the full extent with a scale of Nan.

I have called following methods to disable this sort of navigation but no use.

Even I disabled the complete navigation but still map is getting zoomed in or to the full extent. Is this a bug or what I don't really understand.

If I can hook to the click event of 3 buttons in the widget (area/length/location), I could disable the navigation.I got reference to these buttons, but their click events fire randomly.I can't control them.Also, Measurement widget exposes only one event,i.e. MeasurementCompleted.So, I can't find a point where I can deactivate the navigation.

Any help is appreciated on this issue.