Significance for Parameter Estimates in GWR

Discussion created by tua33450 on Nov 13, 2011
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I have estimated a model using OLS that showed spatial autocorrelation (by Moran's I tool on the model residuals).  So, I decided to estimate the model using GWR and compare the results.  I am not very experienced with using GWR, but I am very confused as to where to find p values or signs of significance within the local models.  I can compare the OLS coefficients with the median of the GWR local coefficients, but cannot really compare the models, with knowing the significance of individual predictors.  Is this information somewhere in the output or do I need to specify certain options to get these results?  I have seen that some studies have seemed to use Monte Carlo tests of spatial variability for this - can I calculate this test with ArcGis 10?  Thanks so much for any guidance!