Running GP Task of Local GP Package

Discussion created by kuiperfoliage on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by kuiperfoliage
I'm trying to run a GP Task from a GP Package but keeping this error when i specify the input parameters:

Expected to find comma, colon or start of array; state : Empty; buffer : <html>
    <title>ArcGISRuntime Server<

Any idea what is going wrong? is there any good code example online using ArcGIS Runtime ?

I'm trying to execute a Buffer call on a LocalFeatureLayer.

Here is a piece of my code:

                        List<GPParameter> parameters = new List<GPParameter>();

                        var uri = new Uri(this.featureLayer.Url).ToString();

                        GPFeatureRecordSetLayer param1 = new GPFeatureRecordSetLayer("parkBoundary_shp", uri);



                        gp = new Geoprocessor(task.Url);
                        gp.StatusUpdated += this.gp_StatusUpdated;
                        gp.JobCompleted += this.gp_JobCompleted;
                        gp.Failed += this.gp_Failed;

Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!