ArcMap holding onto version after close preventing JTX clean up step working

Discussion created by mmenzel on Apr 18, 2010
Latest reply on May 9, 2010 by mmenzel

I have a JTX workflow setup and it is having two problems. I think the first is related to the second.

1. After launching ArcMap from JTX and doing edits then closing ArcMap the workflow questions the user if more edits are required; if not it moves onto the clean up step where the version and mxd are deleted. JTX throws an error saying the version is in use and the version cannot be deleted. If I close JTX and re-open it the clean up step works.

2. When loading ArcMap from a 'Launch ArcMap' command the TAMs for that step are loaded and then the active window is switched back to JTX and the next step is run (the question from part 1)

My theory is that when the window changes to JTX prematurely - I then change the window back to ArcMap to edit and then close ArcMap - it doesn't register that ArcMap is being closed and therefore releasing the schema lock on the versioned tables.

any help would be great