Scalebar disappears when zoomed out a lot?

Discussion created by rexbradford on Nov 9, 2011
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I have an app which starts out with a wide extent (left edge is west of African continent, right edge is right of Chinese coast).

The scalebar initially appears, with 0-2000km as its range.

If I pan, the scalebar disappears at the end of the pan, and never returns until I zoom in significantly.  Then the scalebar disappears when zoomed out again.  I.e., the scalebar is always absent when zoomed well out, except on initial draw.

After initial draw, even switching to another browser window and switching back causes scalebar to disappear.

Initial extent:
    extentXMin: -4414756.0,
    extentYMin: -4416634.0,
    extentXMax: 16092382.0,
    extentYMax: 9032981.0,

If I start out more zoomed in, scalebar works fine until zoom out and then disappears again while zoomed out.

I do not have a small test case that exhibits this, just wondering if somebody has seen this kind of thing before and might point me in the right direction.

Rex Bradford
Direct Relief International