ArcView Desktop frequently hangs when selecting a layer in toolbox tools

Discussion created by joincto on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2011 by joincto
I have experienced this frequently. Using ArcView Desktop 10.0 + sp3 on MacBook 64 bit running bootcamp and using windows 7

Have an existing map.Use a toolkit to select a tool (it may matter which tool, I am not sure,
but it definitely has occurred using different tools).
Arcview frequently hangs in the tool wizard when entering a layer from the as one of the parameters (by using the drop down listbox). No recovery is possible. The only recourse is to kill ArcMap.

Until today I never found a replicable test case. But I do now have one using the "spatial join" tool in the "overlay" toolbox. On the second input field I select a BDS layer (from Business Analyst) as the second parameter ("Join Features"). I then get the windows7 busy cursor (rotating ring of fire) and the application hangs indefinitely.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?