How to add the File | open button to a toolbar

Discussion created by rad765 on Nov 8, 2011

Probably a simple question!

I have a toolbar Add Inn with some ESRI commands and some of my own.
Now I want to add the "File|Open" command to this toolbar.

Usually I add an ESRI commnad by adding the refID to the command in the Config.esriaddinx file as:

        <Toolbar id="Godt_Vann_Drammensregionene_GVD_Add_in_GVD_Verktøy_bjelke" caption="GVD Verktøylinje" showInitially="false">
            <Button refID="esriGeoDatabaseDistributedUI.SynchronizeReplicaCommand" />

My rather simple question is: What is the refID to the "File|Open" command in ArcMap ?