Can't read .tpk file as LocalTileCacheLayer.

Discussion created by wangzhifang-esrichina-com-cn-esridist on Nov 7, 2011
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I've download a tile package file from uploaded by Denise62. And ensure the file is valid by reading it using PBS(

But I can't load it as LocalTileCacheLayer in ArcGIS Runtime for WPF sdk. The Initialized event has been fired, but I found that the app has read the tile rows/columns as 256*256, but in fact, the .tpk file has cache in 128*128. So the correct tile can't be loaded.

Don't know if this is a bug.

update�?sorry for uncorrect infos, WPF Runtime SDK could correctly read the conf.xml/conf.cdi information as tiling scheme. But for the specific tile package file(, it really can't display correctly. When load it as a LocalTileCacheLayer, Map displays blank.