Is Spatial Analyst needed to have Raster to Polygon tool available in conversion tools?

Discussion created by projection123 on Nov 7, 2011
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Some time ago, I was working with ArcInfo with all available extensions. I am now looking to get ArcView with no extensions. In looking around ESRI's website, it is unclear to me weather I can get ArcView without Spatial Analyst and be able to perform "Raster to Polygon" (conversion tools).


For example:
explicitly states that "polygon to raster" requires spatial analyst, but a link at the botton of the page that leads to the equivalant page for "raster to polygon" does not explicitly state that Spatial Analyst is required.


Also I don't know if anything changed from arcView 9.3 to 10 in terms of raster conversion and having a spatial analyst license?


Many thanks!