REST API: Export Map Image of a Cached Map Service

Discussion created by straatvark on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2011 by ahoque-esristaff

We have a Silverlight application that allow printing based on certain layout templates that is configured. One of the scenarious is where user select to print the extent that he see on the screen, but a higher DPI than the default 96DPI.

Now for dynamic map services all the height/width aspect ratio adjustement, max export image dimentions and DPI adjustments to keep the image at a certain scale work ok.

For cached map service the quality of the created is not good - especially if it is not something like background service, but something like a road network on a transparent background. Note that any cached tiles are created at 96DPI.

Now I know that the documentation (here) says that the export is for dynamic map service, but can I confirm the following please:

a) When I do a export on a cached layer - is the image created from scratch (ie data) or some sort of interpolation of the previously created tiles?

b) An alternative option would be to retrieve the appropritae tiles and from then cut and stich the image that I need (i did not try this yet) - but it would not help me much because i would be stuck at 96DPI.  

Anyone that can comment on this please? Would be appreciated :)