ArcInfo Workstation Command (LatticeReplace) to Geoprocessing.

Discussion created by cbates0372 on Nov 3, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I couldn't decide whether this topic was better suited in geoprocessing or in the imagery/raster section so please forgive me if it should be somewhere else.

I am currently working on updating some processes for DEM creation. In the current process, ArcInfo Workstation commands are used to interpolate surfaces using certain command line commands that are  no longer available in desktop.

I was recently consulting the ESRI ArcInfor Commands List:

and have found that the functionality from the lattice replace command- which replaces lattice mesh point Z-Values with values contained in an intersecting polygon coverage) can be done using the geoprocessing tools: Polygon to Raster + Con.

I am looking for an example of how to set up the conditional in the con tool so that I can do as described above. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time!