ArcGIS 10 and Attribute Field Reordering

Discussion created by Wolseley on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by geoid23
In 10, will we be able to reorder fields after we add them? in 9.3.1 and before, I usually opened a Personal Geodatabase in MS Access and did the field adding/re-ordering in this application. When I say reordering, I mean that you reorder the field and close the geodatabase, when you re-open it the data fields are in the order you put them last time it was opened. In addition, having to export into a new Feature Class or Shapefile is a cumbersome solution which is how some people do re-ordering in 9.3.1. It would be very useful if this functionality was included in 10 so we do not have to use MS Access any longer or export to a new Feature Class/Shapefile.