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infowindow positioning and dragging

Question asked by SRoberts on Nov 3, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by kousikm
I am using the Esri local government javascript template for reporting Elections Results.  On monitors with lower resolution, the results info window often shows up with the title bar off the top of the map.  The average user tries in vain to click somewhere on the infowindow and drag it down, and doesn't realize the only way to see the whole thing is to pan the map.  Can I make it draggable by just clicking anywhere on the window to move it?  Alternatively, can I at least make the title bar always appear somewhere on the map?  I've seen the show(location) method, but would need an example that always makes the title bar appear on the map. 

Finally, if it isn't possible to make it draggable by clicking anywhere in the infowindow, is it at least possible to make it draggable by dragging in the title bar?