Trying to texture a multipatch

Discussion created by Holywhippet on Nov 2, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2014 by ciava.at
I'm trying to make a fairly simple multipatch with an image textured onto it. The multipatch is basically made from a line with an upper and lower set of Z values.

Creating the multipatch isn't a problem, the problem comes when I try to texture it. I've read some example code:


Which gives me a general idea, but neither code sample or the documentation gives me a good enough idea on how the interfaces work. I need the image to stretch across the whole of the multipatch, but I can't quite work out what combination of values to feed in to make this happen. The SetTextureWKSPoint calls really don't make any sense to me, I'm not sure what the parameters actually mean.

Does anyone have a simple code sample or a better explanation on what the calls in the IGeneralMultiPatchCreator interface actually mean?