.bil to tif with .prj and .clr information

Discussion created by timbabwe on Nov 2, 2011
I've got 30,000 BIL/HDR pairs I need to convert to GEOTIFF in 9.3.
This is thirteen year's of snow maps, all classified as -9999/0/50/150/250
for NODATA/NotMapped/LAND/CLOUD/SNOW, displayed as blank/gray/blue/cyan/red. 
The early ones are in USGS_Albers and the later in WGS84.

If I was doing them by hand, I would display BIL,
Define Projection, Display as Unique Values (Build Raster Attribute Table),
Add Colormap (or predefined layer), and remap the Albers to WGS84
and output as TIF.   Disk space is a problem, so I'd avoid pyramids
and unnecessary tmp files.

Is the mere presence of a matching .PRJ and .CLR file in
the directory with the .BIL/.HDR enough to have Arc recognize

Do I have to make an intermediate conversion to GRID format?
The USGS_Image_Toolbox_v1_5 looks promising,
but doesn't seem to like .BIL or .ASC as input.

Can these be batched up easily?

Tim Szeliga
National Weather Service