Std not defined in Map Algebra

Discussion created by cathyrl on Nov 1, 2011
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Hi all,

I'm trying to do a simple task:  calculate the Standard Deviation of some 50 rasters, with an output of cell-by-cell StDev values.  The help file says it can be done in Map Algebra, and provides the syntax Std (<inraster1>,<inraster2>,,,,).  When I do this, the error says "Std" is not defined.

In reviewing the forums, I haven't found this specific question addressed.  I've found more complicated, but similar, questions which received advice that one needs to first calculate the average, then variance, then standard deviation.  I'm hoping that this step by step process was only necessary due to the complicating details of the poster's particular problem. 

Please - anyone know how to accomplish this simple task without typing in the algebra for each step in the StDev calculation????