Why is the distance off?

Discussion created by Grieck on Nov 1, 2011
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Hello Everyone,

I'm using the IConstructPoint.ConstructAlong method to find a position along a poly line. I return the results as an IPoint and use that point to mark the location with a symbol.

The problem is that when I use the ESRI measure tool it doesn't match the length I passed into the Construct Along method. The point seems to be approximately 7 feet off.

As for code to get the point object I do a search for a feature on the poly line feature class to get the feature. I then cast the feature to ICurve and then call the Construct Along method.

  featurecursor = featureclass.Search(queryfilter, false);
  if (featurecursor != null)
    feature = featurecursor.NextFeature();
  if (feature != null)
     ICurve curve = (ICurve)feature;
     IConstructPoint2 conpnt2 = new PointClass();
     conpnt2. ConstructAlong(curve, esriSegmentExtension.esriNoExtension, length, false);
     IPoint point = (IPoint)conpnt2;

  IRgbColor rgbColorWhite = new RgbColorClass();
  rgbColorWhite.Red = 255;
  rgbColorWhite.Green = 255;
  rgbColorWhite.Blue = 255;
  IPictureMarkerSymbol bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls = new PictureMarkerSymbolClass();
  IMarkerElement markerElement = new MarkerElementClass();
  bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls.CreateMarkerSymbolFromFile(esriIPictureType.esriIPictureBitmap, MyPicture);
  bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls.Angle = 0;
  bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls.Size = ((MarkerSize > 0) ? MarkerSize : 1);
  bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls.BitmapTransparencyColor = rgbColorWhite;
  bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls.XOffset = xoffset;
  bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls.YOffset = yoffset;
  markerElement.Symbol = bitmapPictureMarkerSymbolCls;
  IElement element = (IElement)markerElement;
  IElementProperties3 ep3 = (IElementProperties3)element;
  element.Geometry = point;
  ep3.Name = System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(picFilePath);
  MxDoc.ActiveView.GraphicsContainer.AddElement(element, 0);
  MxDoc.ActiveView.PartialRefresh(esriViewDrawPhase.esriViewGraphics, null, null);