In over my head

Discussion created by DhayesGEOD on Nov 1, 2011
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Hey all, 
I graduated in May and I was recently hired by a consulting firm that handles a wide array of projects.  They hired me on to help them migrate to GIS for data collection and map sharing. Essentially, the owner has asked that I find a way to share all of our data via the iPad so all of our projects can be viewed anytime.  He would also like for our field techs to be able to collect data using the device.  I was never instructed on ArcGIS for iOS so I am completely lost.  I have created a geo database and have began entering current project data into it.  My question is two fold, how do I connect the iPad to the geo database and how do I make possible for our field techs to enter data while in the field, straight to our geo database?  I know this may be elementary but I am so confused and in over my head.  Any help would be appreciated!