Populating a new field, conditional on meeting certain spatial criteria

Discussion created by ro09 on Oct 31, 2011
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I'm an intermediate user who is used to doing spatial calculations in a Postgres database with the PostGIS extension. Thus I'm used to writing in SQL, not python or VB Script, though I'm getting the hang of some of the basics. Currently I'm using ArcGIS 10.

What I am wanting to do is populate a new field in a field class with boolean values, the precise value being determined by whether the rows meet a certain spatial criterion. I am using a cadastral (property lot lines) dataset and want to identify the properties that are within an 800 metre buffer of a specific centre. Thus I would have a new column in the cadastre, perhaps titled 'within_800m_of_centre', and rows would have a value of 1 if they are within the buffer and 0 if not.

I have two spatial datasets, one is the cadastre and the other is the 800m buffer of the centre.

I do not know even where to start, whether I can do this calculation with "calculate field", if I have to use modelbuilder, or if I need to use the python window.

If anyone can just suggest a methodology or approach then I can read up on the technigues.

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