How can I verify that the Rest API is installed?

Discussion created by garethmann on Oct 31, 2011
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I had a lot of trouble installing ARcGIS Server 10.0 on our web server. I was on the phone with ESRI's tech support all day and we finally got it working. But in the process we broke one of the websites that is served from the Web server and it took us a long time to fix it.

I want to start developing sites using the Java Script API, for that it seems that I need to have the REST API installed. I am not sure I remember whether or not that was installed. In my ArcGIS Server instance folder, there is a directory called "rest". But there are only 3 files in there (rest.config, web.config, and a css file). I believe that there should also be a directory called "Services" within the rest folder right? But it is not there. So perhaps the REST API has not yet been installed?

When I stick the installation DVD in the drive and run the set-up again and choose "modify", and then I highlight "Web Services (SOAP, REST)", it says "this feature requires 0kb on your hard drive". So I assume that must mean that it has been installed right?

So if it is installed then why don't I have a "rest/services" directory? Do i not need that directory to call services from the Javascript API?