Incomplete CopyFeature result for polygon list

Discussion created by kimwen on Oct 28, 2011
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I have a point shape file that need to exclude some points out by the buffer distance around them. I have created a polygon list appended by Buffer_analysis result from each of the points. Then I used CopyFeature function to write the polygon list to a feature class. There are 12 polygons in the list. Although the output feature class has 12 features, only the first polygon is repeated for the 12 features. I have check the polygon list. It contains different polygons. What is wrong? Is it because the buffered result is not intend to use in polygon list?

Here is my partial code.

pt = arcpy.Point()
buf = arcpy.Geometry()
cur =
while cur:
  #Get the point feature and put it into a PointGeometry object
  feat = cur.getValue("Shape")
  pnt = feat.getPart()
  pt.X = pnt.X
  pt.Y = pnt.Y
  pt.Z = pnt.Z 
  ptGeo = arcpy.PointGeometry(pnt)
  #Loop through the polygon list to elimilate the point inside the polygon
  for pol in polyLst:
    if pol.contains(ptGeo):
  #If the point is not inside the polygon list, create a buffer polygon around the point and append  it  to the polygon list
    buf10 = cur.getValue("z10th")
    #Buffer the point
    bufpoly = arcpy.Buffer_analysis(ptGeo, buf, buf10)
    del bufpoly
  cur =
del cur, curs
arcpy.CopyFeatures_management(polyLst, "D:/seed.gdb/sortPoly")