Important enhancements to "GoogleMapsLayer"

Discussion created by nliu on Oct 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by jeff.pace
Hello group,
Some of you may have been using the "GoogleMapsLayer" available in the code gallery to bring Google Maps in JSAPI app as a base map option: I'd like to share a few major enhancement available:

  • Support Google "map style", with custom hue/lightness/saturation, and turn on/off features drawn, which offers unlimited flavor of base maps. i.e. "dynamic-thematic-tiled" base map.

  • Provides 2 predefined styles: "Gray" and "Night" to use with operational layers on different scenarios, and any custom configuration.

  • Street view with display of streets where images available, drag-drop pegman icon to switch between street view mode and map mode.

  • Cross domain built for use online version, no download necessary to get started.

  • Works with BasemapControl widget ( to easily provide many base map options to your application.

Feedback welcome.