Insufficient Permissions when using IFeatureClass.CreateFeature

Discussion created by travisms on Oct 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by travisms
I have connected successfully to an sde database using an IFeatureWorkspace, and have an IFeatureClass object for the feature class I want to work with.  When connected as a user that is NOT the owner of any feature classes, but that does have SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE permissions (using ISQLPrivilege) on the feature class, I am able to update existing features, but not create new ones.

To update, I use the IFeatureClass.GetFeature method to return an IFeature, I update the appropriate field values, and I call IFeature.Store, which updates the feature in the feature class successfully.  However, if I use IFeatureClass.CreateFeature to create a new feature to store in the feature class, I get an 'Insufficient Permissions' error.

I've tried wrapping the operations in an IWorkspaceEdit edit session and edit operation, but that doesn't have any effect in this case.  If I connect as the feature class owner, this all works fine, so it would seem that the approach is ok, minus this permission issue.

Any ideas?