Symbology, Multiple Attributes, Quantity by category

Discussion created by conway_gis on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2011 by JamesFNomar05

I am looking for concrete directions on how to correctly use the Multiple Attributes - Quantity by category dialog (under Layer Properties > Symbology) to map a set of features based on 2 values.  One of the values will be represented by color while the other value (for the same feature) will be represented by symbol size.  This seems like a pretty common way to represent data but I am not able to find a concrete answer as to exactly how to use this symbology "tool" to accomplish this task.  I was hoping someone might be an "expert" using this symbology "tool" and could offer up some advice.  I have been able to get the the desired results using this symbology "tool" but if I had to repeat the process I would really have to play around with all the settings untill it came out right.  This is obviously not very efficient but as I have yet to find detailed enough directions on using this tool it is my only option.

All and any help is appreciated!  Thank you in advance,