arcpy Script that used to work now crashes python.exe (change from SP2 to SP3)

Discussion created by rafaelr on Oct 25, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2011 by rafaelr
i just noticed that a python script with an ui that works on every computer running arcgis 10 sp2 completely crashes python on a computer with arcgis 10 sp3 installed.
and i have no clue why?

i extracted the part of the code that crashes:
import os
import arcpy
import tkFileDialog
from tkFileDialog import *

myFormats = [("ESRI Shapefile",'*.shp')]

file = askopenfile(filetypes=myFormats,title="Select Input file...")
inFeatures = str(file.name)
print inFeatures, type(inFeatures)

desc = arcpy.Describe(inFeatures)
if "line" in desc.shapeType:
    print "Input Geometry Type: OK - "  + str(desc.shapeType)
    print "Error: Input has invalid Geometry Type - " + str(desc.shapeType)

any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated