Spatial autocorrElation Morans I

Discussion created by antonio.samagaio on Oct 25, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2011 by dbirkigt
I'm working with portuguese elections data and Morans I. When I try to found the better band distance with Spatial autocorrelation (Morans I) option, I get a report like this:

Global Moran's I Summary
Moran's Index: 0,466428
Expected Index: -0,000247
Variance: 0,000519
z-score: 20,478377
p-value: 0,000000

My first question is if the p-value is correct because I always get this p-value for every variable.

I use this option to find the better distance to aplly "Cluster and outlier Analysis (Anselin Local Morans I". Am I following a good trend to study the spatial component of Election data?