problem whit save raster. why??

Discussion created by matoretta on Oct 25, 2011
hi i use code like this:
pZdroj = Con(pEfekt > 0, Con(IsNull(pZdroj), pEfekt, pEfekt + pZdroj), Con(IsNull(pZdroj), 0, pZdroj))'C:\\eee3')

pZdrojArray = arcpy.RasterToNumPyArray(pZdroj)
del pZdroj

and I have unexpected error on method,,  but when i skip it, i create array from raster whit no problem (equation is OK there is no problem whit it in raster calculator).. so any suggestion whit this problem? (when i use equation like this Con(pEfekt > 0, Con(IsNull(pZdroj), pEfekt, 1), Con(IsNull(pZdroj), 0, 1)) i haven´t problem whit save method)