dockable window versus regular window

Discussion created by jsn on Oct 24, 2011
Hi all

My configuraiton: VS 2008, ArcGIs 10

I am converting a regular VBA data form from ArcGIS 9.3 to an Add-In form, rebuilding everything in ArcGIS 10.

I am using a dockable window and I am finding several limitations:
- no event for open form,
- can not close the form, by default the form hides and shows when clicking the X button
- how do I react to external events such as if the users changes the current feature selected to refresh my form with the new feature. In VBA I declared the form modal so it required the user to close the form to exit and to do anything else

I have the impression that dockable windows have limited functionalities compared with regular windows forms. Will you recommend a dockable window for a data entry form to help end users do data entry or a regular windows form?

Any samples online in how to deal with dockable windows and add-ins

Please advise