Tilepack Creation is too slow

Discussion created by merlich on Oct 24, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2011 by DanHuber
I just created a tile-pack for the entire USA using TomTom data.  Using a dual quad-core 2GHz Xeon, 64-bit OS, 8GB RAM, it took close to a week to complete.  We had to add on 2 more zoom levels to the default since the default doesn't zoom in enough at the street level, and have found that at least one more zoom level will be required.  If this is done, we are looking at a minimum of two-weeks to build the tilepack.  Also, noticed that the process is single threaded which will add to the long duration.

1) Any suggestions on how to make the processing faster?  We haven't done much detail on the cartography, so I expect the process to eventually take a lot longer.
2) Can this processing task be re-tooled to take advantage of multi-processor machines to speed up the process in future beta releases?