String Editing with CGA

Discussion created by d_l_smith on Oct 23, 2011
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Hi All, first post in the new forum!

Just have a bit of a curve ball with this one: Is it possible to to use the CGA to assign an attribute as a string in the report operation?

In this instance I am using shape file layer with separate ID attributes for each inital shape. I then need to report on the geometry.area of generated shapes separately for each initial shape. As an example of whist I was thinking:

# Attribute to be called in on a per object basis for the initial shapes
attr = idTag

# Rules
Lot -->
    comp(f) { inside : Sub_Lot | border : NIL }

Sub_Lot -->
    report(idTag.GFA, geomtery.area())

Is there another work around for this issue? Or is there the ability to script this function in using python?

This is for a project I am working on where I need to output GFA figures for each initial shape separately.